WEEKS DAY DAYS DAILY TEACHING LEARNING ACTIVITY Comp. No. Teaching Learning Method Assessment method
Learner-Doctor Method: History Taking, Physical Examination, Assessment of Change in clinical status, Communcation and Patient Education, Laboratory Medicine (Para Clincal) Bedside Clinics, DOAP, Case Presentation, SGD, Seminar, SDL OSCE, Viva, Mini-CEX, DOPS, WPBA, EOP Assess, Reflective Feedback by learner, Logbook
WEEK 1 Day1 Developmental assessment- performance evaluation.
Developmental delay Assessment
PE1.6,1.7 Bedside Clinics OSCE
WEEK 1 Day2 Failure to thrive Assessment evaluation
Short stature assessment
PE 2.5
PE 3.3
Bedside Clinics OSCE
WEEK 1 Day3 Counsel parents with a child with
Failure to thrive; Developmental delay
PE2.3, 3.4 DOAP session Logbook
WEEK 1 Day4 Nutritional & hemolytic Anaemia, case with hepatospleno megaly PE 13.3-13.5 Case presentation OSCE
WEEK 1 Day5 Child with Protein energy malnutrition PE 10.3 Case presentation OSCE
WEEK 1 Day6 Correct technique of Breast feeding
Breast examination & common issues Complementary feeding history elicit
PE7.5; PE 7.7 Bedside Clinics OSCE
WEEK 1 Day7  
WEEK 2 Day8 Antenatal counselling
Educating & counselling mother reagrding breast feeding
Respecting Mother privacy
Breastfeeding week celebration
Complementary feeding counselling
PE 7.8-7.11
DOAP session Logbook
WEEK 2 Day9 Nutritional history
Calorie calculation
Nutritional status assessment & classification
PE 9.4-9.7 Bedside clinics OSCE
WEEK 2 Day10 BMI calculation, interpretation
Assessment of child with obesity
PE 11.3-11.5 Bedside clinics Log book
WEEK 2 Day11 Counsel mother on care of newborn
Counsel Follow up care of newborn to mother
Identify sick neonate using IMNCI guidelines
PE 20.5,20.6,20.18 DOAP session Skill assessment/Log book
WEEK 2 Day12 Neonatal resuscitation in manikin PE20.3 DOAP session Skill assessment/Log book
WEEK 2 Day13 Assessment of normal neonate PE 20.4 Case Presentation OSCE
WEEK 2 Day14  
WEEK 3 Day15 Elicit document and present the history, examination, related to Gastrointestinal system
Interpret Liver Function Tests, viral markers, ultra sonogram report
PE 26.5-26.9 Case Presentation OSCE
WEEK 3 Day16 Identify Clinical features & Management Plan of Iron deficiency
Interpret Hemogram & Iron Panel
PE 13.3,13.4
PE 13.5
Bedsisde clinics OSCE
WEEK 3 Day17 Evaluation for a cardiac disease- Assessment, Approach to heart disease PE 23.7-23.15 Case Presentation OSCE
WEEK 3 Day18 Assesment of child with genito urinary & Renal Problems PE 21.8 Case Presentation OSCE
WEEK 3 Day19 Intrepret Urine examination report
Intrepret X ray KUB, Ultrasound KUB
Identify surgical conditions of genito urinary system
Counsel Parents
PE 21.9-21.15 Bedside clinics Log book
WEEK 3 Day20 Elicit, document and present history pertaining to diarrheal diseases.Assess for signs of dehydration, document and present. Apply the IMNCI guidelines in risk stratification of children with
diarrheal dehydration and refer. Interpret RFT and electrolyte report.Plan fluid management as per the WHO criteria
PE 24.9-24.14 Bedside clinics Log book
WEEK 3 Day21  
WEEK 4 Day22 Educate and counsel a patient for immunization
Observe the handling and storing of vaccines
Observe the administration of UIP vaccines
Demonstrate the correct administration of different vaccines in a mannequin
Practice Infection control measures and appropriate handling of the sharps
PE 19.7,19.10- 9.14 DOAP; Out Patient clinics,
Skills lab
Log book
WEEK 4 Day23 Perform and interpret the common analytes in a Urine examination
Interpret report of Plain X Ray of KUB
Enumerate the indications for and Interpret the written report of Ultra sonogram of KUB
Recognize common surgical conditions of the abdomen and genitourinary system
PE 21.14
Bedside clinics Log book
WEEK 4 Day24 Elicit document and present an age appropriate history examination pertaining to
the CNS
PE 30.17-30.19 Case Presentation OSCE
WEEK 4 Day25 Analyse the clinical symptoms and interpret physical findings and
make a provisional / differential diagnosis in a child with respiratory systems
symptoms. Interpret X ray PNS & chest x ray
PE 28.3,28.4,28.7 Case Presentation OSCE
WEEK 4 Day26 Interpret hematological reports. Interpret the reports of EEG, CT, MRI PE 29.14, 30.22 Bedside clinics Log book
WEEK 4 Day27 Perform NG tube insertion in a manikin. IV cannulation in a model. Interosseous insertion model PE24.5-24.7 DOAP session, Skills Lab Log book
WEEK 4 Day28