Goal Longitudinal Patient Care; Health Care Team work; Hands-on care of patients in outpatient and inpatient setting
Activities Learner-Doctor Method: History Taking, Physical Examination, Assessment of Change in clinical status, Communcation and Patient Education, Laboratory Medicine (Para Clincal)
Teaching First Clinical Posting - orient learners to patient, their roles and the speciality
Follow learner-doctor method of training
No learner will be given independentcharge of the patient
The supervising physician shall be responsible for all patient care decisions
learner functions as a part of health care team
Responsibilities Responsibilities of learner:
Be part of unit's OP services on admission days
Remain with admission unit until 6 PM except during designated class hours
Be assigned patients admitted during each day
Undertake responsibility of patient assigned but under supervision
Participate in unit rounds on its admission day
Present assigned patients to the supervising physician during rounds
Participate in unit rounds on at least one other dayof the week excluding admission day
Follow the patient's progress through out the hospital stay until discharge
Participate in procedures, surgeries and deliveries according to learner-doctor program guideline
Discuss ethical and other humanitarian issues during rounds
Attend all scheduled classes and educational activities
Document his/her observtions in a log book/ case record
Assessment Designated faculty in each unit will coordinate
learner activities
monitor progress
provide feedback
review log book/ case record
Log Book Submission to department is required for eligibility for final examination
Includes written case records
records of out patient assigned
relevant investigations, treatment rationale, hospital course, family and patient discussion, discharge summary